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Project Of The Year Award

Outstanding Concrete Repair
Project of the Year

Congratulations to CBI Consulting, Inc., winner of the 2013 NE-ICRI Project of the Year Award!

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The CBI Consulting team successfully completed a three-phase project to repair and restore East Boston Stadium, inside and out.


East Boston Stadium 3-phase Repair and Restoration
and Construction of Infrastructure Control Building

East Boston Stadium was condemned in 2006 when a City of Boston Electrical Inspector observed that most of the existing electrical conduit had rotted significantly, causing a safety concern.  Because the Stadium is so important to the East Boston High School sports program as well as to the community at large, the City embarked on a three phase repair and restoration project to repair the deterioration, solve code compliance problems, and to make the Stadium a more functional facility to support the efforts of the Parks Department.

Phase I involved installation of temporary trailers outside the stadium to provide the same functions that had been lost because the facility was condemned.  Trailers were provided for offices, locker rooms, toilet facilities, and concession.

When the Stadium was back up and running, the CBI Consulting team began to design Phase II, which included all repairs to the concrete structure and the waterproofing.  The Stadium required extensive concrete repair, replacement of stepped expansion joints, new urethane waterproof membrane, new security doors throughout the facility, and provisions for handicap accessibility.  Additionally, all the electrical service within the building was completely replaced to meet current codes.  CBI also replaced deteriorated and rotted piping and drain lines.  New sprinklers and sump drainage under the Stadium were also installed, because of the low water table adjacent to the harbor.

At the completion of Phase II, the Stadium was structurally sound and waterproofed.  However, the interior of the Stadium was still sub-standard and there were no provisions for the Parks Department.

Phase III included a complete renovation of the building interior to provide new toilet rooms, offices, locker rooms, and concession with full handicapped access within the building, new finishes including epoxy flooring as well as breathable interior masonry coatings.  The project also included all new plumbing, electrical, heating, and sprinkler utilities for these new functions.

During Phase III, CBI also designed and built a new 5,000 square-foot Infrastructure Control Building (ICB), the new maintenance center for the Parks Department in East Boston.  The new building provided space for storage of Parks Department vehicles, offices, and equipment.  The new facility, which was a pile-supported masonry structure with stucco finish, matched the existing Art Deco style of the Stadium so that, when complete, the two buildings appear as if they were constructed at the same time, per the request of the Owner.  More importantly, the new "maintenance facility" blends in with the site in an attractive manner as a complement to the new upscale neighborhood.


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